Director of the Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group, spoke about 5G + Smart Home. He also talked about upcoming 5G smartphones.

This unusual discussion was detained on 10th December named 5G · Future Salon in Beijing.

He told that Xiaomi is an Internet company with an aim on focus of internet services providers & they also think to be the number 1 in the Smartphone market, also they have their focus on other things like smart hardware + IoT platforms. In 2019, they planned to start a dual engine policy that would be called smartphone + AIoT. In the meantime, Xiaomi will have its focus on main 2 points which will be their key priority for upcoming years.


Hong Wei the director of Xiaomi, outlined the progress procedure of Xiaomi’s 5G. Xiaomi recognized a consistency department at the end of 2015, & started to take part in the progress of 5G consistency in 3GPP. Xiaomi’s 5G smartphone research process started in October 2017. After that in September 2019, Xiaomi unrestricted its two 5G phones, which includes Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G & the Mi MIX Alpha. AIoT gives the closing smart interconnection of everything

According to a research, their will be abot 50 million devices connected with the help of AIoT.

It is believed by the director that %G & AIoT will biring people into super internet world taking from Computer/Laptop internet. Director is also planning to launch a specific OS for AIoT.

Stage for AIoT has been created as directed by the director. He announced that at the End of June 2019, the proposal had gathered over 196 million phones & other modules, which includes smart home appliances & they keep it at their priority. In the meantime the digit count of users with 5 or above Xiaomi IoT stage devices has surpassed 3 million number count, & there should be more than Two Hundred types of devices those are attached to the IoT policy. In addition to it, Xiaomi hs more than 1300 partners.

If we come to the term of smart home by 30th September in the current year, Xiaomi holds the record of serving people in smart home term with a large number of 55.99 million which is increasing day by day

Director told that Xiaomi’s smart home has now recognized a wide range of products and also attained good coverage. Xiaomi planning to design multi types of equipments and accessories which includes things for Kitchens, Health wear, and smart wash types of things for home usages. Well, all we are talking about was that Xiaomi is going to launch their 10 5G Smartphones. So, what do you think about Xiaomi’s innovative creations? Do let us know in comment box below.

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