World’s #1 Chat App decided to introduce new features for its users.

Company is planning to introdce Dark Mode, new emojis, new wallpapers & a feature that will work as Auto Messages Deleter.

WabetaInfo covered that soon whatsapp is also going to launch its Dark Mode feature like other chat applications, which is currently being tested.

In the beginning , Dark Mode will be only available to Android & iOS devices. It will reduce the battery consumption of the device. Dark Mode could be activated just by going into Chat settings.

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New Emojis:

WhatsApp is going to launch some kind of new emojis for its users to make it more time spendable. In new emojis they’re going to add an emoji for disable Men & women with auto & simple wheel chair.

Wallpaper settings:

Currently users cam change their chat wallpaper just by going to chat settings but this feature will no longer work in Dark Mode of WhatsApp. Wallpaper could be changed with the Display option which will be available soon.

Auto Message Deletion:

This feature is being tested in Beta Version of WhatsApp. By using it, Sent Message to anyone could be deleted in a specific time period.

By using this option, users will be able to set a time for a Message to be deleted in a specific period of time. Moreover, users will have right to set a time period of  one hour, one week, one month OR one year. If users sets the time of one hour, the Message would be deleted (also from recipient) exactly after one hour of its being sent.

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