WhatsApp recently posted about a new update of WhatsApp Beta for Android via Google Play Beta Program. They are updating their WhatsApp Beta version upto 2.19.327. WhatsApp continously working on its upcoming feature DARK MODE, which is expected in Beta version of WhatsApp.


  • WhatsApp’s Dark Mode is not availabe yet. They are still testing it.
  • WhatsApp developers are working very hardly on this feature. They are trying their best to ensure bug-free experience for users, before this feature is availabe for everyone to use.
  • DON’T WORRY…! If you’ve updated your version and Dark Mode is not availabe, they are still working on it.
  • Be Patient. Nobody knows the exact date of it’s release.
  • If you don’t see the latest Beta updated version (2.19.327), Kindly wait.


As they’ve already designed Dark Splash Screen (it can be implemented by using systerm Dark Mode, on some versions that are compatible). They continue to work on WhatsApp Dark Theme. In latest update (2.19.327), the Dark Mode Feature is not available yet, but some blogger got their some kind of hidden things and now they keep on tracking improvements in it. But Special thing is that we’ve found that WhatsApp is working on dark default Wallpaper in this Beta version which is based on same night blue colors of WhatsApp’s Dark Theme.

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Updating to WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode might be the one of last updgraditions work on WhatsApp development that WhatsApp needs to update. Users are finally closer to see the Dark Mode of WhatsApp because it seems amazing to listen this feature. Seriously! we don’t have anykind of update that when they releasing this feature but we ensure that we’ll write a certain article on it whenever it releases & when they rolling out their updated version available for everyone. If You want to test it, CLICK HERE…!

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