Mia Khalifa is Getting Married


According a British magazine called Daily star, Adult Film’s industry actress Mia Khalifa said that she is going to get married to her boyfriend in next year. Report says that she is getting married to a famous Switzerland’s Chef named Robert Sandberg. Robert & Mia Khalifa both are of 26. In a tweet of social media website twitter she tweeted that She & Robert has decided to get married in coming up summer of 2020 instead of 2021’s summer after discussing on this topic till an hour. She told that before this they decided to get married in 2021.

Moreover She told that she is not pregnant. It is already cleared that Mia Khalifa has been working in adult film industry for a long time, but she left it 3 years ago. According an adult film’s website, Mia Khalifa has been among the most popular actress even after leaving the Industry.

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