CoronaVirus: Ibuprofen tested as a treatment to reduce COVID-19 symptoms.

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It is hoped that “a specific form” of anti-inflammatory medicine will prevent severe breathing problems and mean less time in hospital.

Ibuprofen is being tested to see if it can prevent severe respiratory problems in coronavirus patients and reduce the number of people in need of treatment in intensive care units.

Researchers at Guy and St. Thomas Hospital and King’s College London are looking at whether “a specific form” of cheap anti-inflammatory drug can help reduce the serious side effects of COVID-19, potentially hospitalization. The possibility remains.

Politicians in France have previously called for ibuprofen to worsen the symptoms of the Coronavirus.

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Professor Mittal Mehta has insisted that only hospitalized patients will attend the trial – to see if the medicine will “reduce respiratory distress”, and not those who are so ill. That they need to be in extreme care.

If successful, there could be “a number of benefits.” He said: “We can reduce the time someone spends in the hospital – they can recover faster and go home, obviously. That’s an amazing result.

“We can also reduce the degree of respiratory distress so that it can be managed in a hospital setting without the need to go to the ICU, and that’s an amazing result.

“Theoretically, this treatment should be beneficial at the moment.”

Professor Mehta, however, said it was based on “animal education”.

“This case is based on reports. We need to have a trial to show that the evidence actually matches what we expect to have.”

An animal study of acute respiratory distress syndrome – a symptom of COVID-19 – shows that about 80% of animals die with it, he said.

But when they are given this special form of ibuprofen, the rate goes up to 20%.

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“It’s very promising,” he said. It’s an animal study, so we want to translate that into a compendium of compelling humans. “

Half of the patients in the trial will receive standard care, and the other half will receive standard care as well as special ibuprofen formulations.

It is hoped that the way the drug has been developed will reduce the gastric side effects associated with ibuprofen. Will

Professor Matthew Hotoff, director of the NIHR Modsley Biomedical Research Center, said: “This state-of-the-art treatment seeks to advance as important new treatments as possible.

“If successful, the results of this trial will be much higher globally given the low cost and availability of this drug.”

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More about Ibuprofen:

Scientists in the UK have launched a review to examine the links between ibuprofen and corona virus after a French health minister advised against its use, following an initial controversy over its use in epidemics.

The Commission on Human Medicine’s expert working group concluded: “Currently, there is insufficient evidence to establish a link between the use of ibuprofen and the possibility of covid 19 contract or its symptoms. “Tonight and tomorrow at 8pm, Dermot Mornagan will host The Aftermath of the Epidemic: Our New World – a special live program about what our world will be like after this epidemic ends.

Thursday’s program will include an exclusive interview with Prince Charles

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