Even with the huge Ban by America, Huawei is continuously progressing on its ranking around the globe in sale of its smartphones. This Chinese Company is now really closer to Samsung in particular & special thanks to it’s strong growth that is grown in China.

Since the year 2018 has begun, the forecasts for Huawei were not looking good. Finally Huawei has decided to Rank number one in world of smartphones by the coming year 2020, Huawei had endure a huge setback with the America’s BAN.

It looks like the crisis that the Chinese company has been suffering  since mid of the May is only slowing an apparently huge progress, While Huawei managed to climb to second place on the pedestal by passing Apple, the Chinese group continues its progression in 2019. According to experts of market analysis institute Strategy Analytics, taken over from the Korea Herald, Huawei continues to decrease the gap with the world’s largest smartphone maker, the one & Only Samsung.

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A breach of just 3.6% of market share with Samsung

In 2019, Huawei sold 251 million smartphones, with market share of 17.7%. A big increase with an estimate of 14.4% market share in 2018. In Opposite, Samsung sold 323 million smartphones with 21.3% market share. And at the End, Apple sold only 193 million iPhones in 2019, with a market of 13.6% share.

Let’s suppose that if Huawei haven’t gone through US Ban decision in May 2019. It must be said that the Chinese group was able to make their name on top of the list noticeably in their country. In China, Huawei flew with a market share of 23% in the third sector of the year 2018, upto 40% in the same period in 2019. A boost which is clarified in exacting by a marketing budget that blasted in the country in order to face a predictable hold back in Europe.

If Huawei’s ambition was to become world’s number one in smartphones selling in 2020, the group owners surely have finally evaluated their outlook. And they are still thinking to take lead in the market for a longer term.

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