China’s leading mobile manufacturing company (Huawei) has decided to get rid of Android’s operating system as they have prepared their own operating system for Huawei Devices. Huawei’s founder (Ren Zhengfei) told in an interview given to a magazine of France, that they have prepared their own Operating system that is called “Hong Meng” & soon they are going to launch it. He told that HongMeng is faster than android by 60 times.

He further told that this Operating is not specified only for smartphones but it wold be availabe for Internet Routers, Servers and further more it’ll serve the Cars who have AUTO DRIVE feature in them. Ren Zhengfei further told that before getting this OS in use and before Laungching it, We’ve to Build our own App Store which would be available soon as they are working on it. Chinese’s Company Founder told that Huawei’s Operatig system is going to take time to take place in market because Android  & iOS are already available in market & they have good develpoer support with them as people are addicted to Android & iOS. He told that they’ll launch it China in it’s early age. Ren Zhengfei told that they are going to arrange an International conference to attract the good developers from all around the world. They’ll launch this OS in china in this year 2019 & in 2020 this Operating system will be available for any of the Huawei users. It is already cleared that China’s leading technology company has decided to get rid off Android OS as they were dependent to them.

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