In recent release of a report by TrendMicro, which claims that they have found 49 malicious or malware photo Apps & games in Google Play Store. In total count, 3 million people are using these applications and games. Once they are presented on Smartphone of their victims, these applications and games multiply the tactics to avoid the Google’s ever best security system. According to TendMicro “custom algorithms” camouflaged these applications and games that have malware in their code. For Example, if a Chrome shortcut is appearing on home screen of victim’s phone, it maybe that kind of virus, it means the malware is working & your phone is at security risk.

As this is always said that, Malicious code waits much time to show advertisement on your phone. In that way, victim does not immediately link the application with the ads or advertisement (shown by malware) that pops up on device. Sometimes, these ads are impossible to close or cut from phone. TrendMicro alerted users that Google has quickly removed these malicious and malware keeping application from Google Play Store.

Below the list is given of those applications and games, and users are advised to uninstall/remove these applications from their phones.


  1. Cut Studio Pro
  2. Balls Escape
  3. Musical Rolling Road
  4. Running Dinosaurs
  5. Tattoo Maker
  6. Galaxy Overlay Blender
  7. Magazine Cover Studio
  8. Dynamic Background: Live
  9. Cut Perfectly: Perfect Puzzle
  10. Bubble Effect
  11. Smoke Effect Art Name Filter Maker
  12. Reverse Video Editing: New Effects
  13. Love Test 2019
  14. Shoot It Using Gun
  15. Beautiful House Pairing
  16. Photo Smoke Effect
  17. Bullet Master
  18. Magazine Photo Editor
  19. Magazine Cover Maker Free Style
  20. Music Video Maker
  21. Neon Light Photo Editing Effects
  22. Balls Out Puzzle: Puzzle Game
  23. Tattoo Editor: Photo Effects
  24. Musical Balls
  25. Love Pair
  26. House Painting: Best Puzzle
  27. Blur Image: Photo & Camera Effects
  28. Trippy Effects: Photo & Camera Filter
  29. Flow Points: Puzzle Game
  30. Picture Art Paint Filter
  31. Smoke Effect Photo Maker Friends
  32. Photo Blender: Photo Effects
  33. Magic Pencil Sketch
  34. Magazine Photo
  35. Photo Overlays – Blender
  36. Master Screen Recorder & Screenshot
  37. Ghost Prank: Photo & Camera Effects
  38. Motorcycle Bike Racing
  39. Magic Video Editor
  40. Beauty Phone Fun
  41. Slice master: Cut
  42. Pixel Effect: Photo Art
  43. Blur Like A Pro
  44. Magic Super Power: New Special Effects
  45. Ruling The Differences Game
  46. Clown Mask
  47. Skull Face: Photo & Camera Effects
  48. House Drawing: Color
  49. True Love Calculator

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