Month: January 2020

Top 5 Skills for Fiverr to work on it

Online earning is not as easy as people think that it is. To earn money from internet, you must have any kind of skill or any specific expertise. Today in this article we are going to talk about most highly rated skills those are much profitable & they also have a huge demand in online

Skills to Learn in 2020

There is no need to tell anybody that we’re living in the Era of Technology, & it seems that there will be a bright beautiful & bright future IA as technology is bringing it closer to us. As the decade started, people made their ambitions for 2020 as well as this decade. It is already

Xiaomi Launching 10 5G Mobiles

Director of the Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group, spoke about 5G + Smart Home. He also talked about upcoming 5G smartphones. This unusual discussion was detained on 10th December named 5G · Future Salon in Beijing. He told that Xiaomi is an Internet company with an aim on focus of internet services providers & they

WhatsApp Upcoming Features

World’s #1 Chat App decided to introduce new features for its users. Company is planning to introdce Dark Mode, new emojis, new wallpapers & a feature that will work as Auto Messages Deleter. WabetaInfo covered that soon whatsapp is also going to launch its Dark Mode feature like other chat applications, which is currently being

Man Who Killed 5000 Elephants & Other Animals | Why So?

In a new report published , Citizen of Zimbabwe Ron Thomson has been recognized as a plentiful wildlife hunter. A Man who admitted that he has killed more than 5000 elephants & 50 hippos has said he is thousands of times unabashed. In addition to it, The Man wrote on his website that a large number of elephants, he has also shooted more than

Huawei Plans to Rank Number 1

Even with the huge Ban by America, Huawei is continuously progressing on its ranking around the globe in sale of its smartphones. This Chinese Company is now really closer to Samsung in particular & special thanks to it’s strong growth that is grown in China. Since the year 2018 has begun, the forecasts for Huawei

WhatsApp is Going to BAN These Phones !

WHATSAPP already has been warning their users from sometimes that they’re going to face a block soon in 2019, & the all-important date when things come to their end is almost upon us. Here are the phone models that will be affected by the highly-successful chat application in a couple of weeks. Content Source: (

SAMSUNG Galaxy S11+, What’s in it?

While most Plus or Max versions of modern smartphones tend to be larger versions of their smaller siblings with occasionally an additional feature or two, Samsung is apparently plotting a different route for the upcoming Galaxy S11+. The flagship, due early next year, will be a big change from the design of the regular Galaxy